Wednesday, October 20, 2010


When you think New York you think about the city that never sleeps, the historical birth place for many greatest hip hop legends!  However it's also the largest fashion capitol in the world! Fashion is embedded in the bloodlines and the very air we breath daily fashion, style, trends all consume the same theme stares! Breath taking innovation of what is next and how can I get it? Jewell Tracey is a wardrobe stylist born in nonstop breeding ground for innovation Brooklyn, New York. She's Black Hispanic culture and has found a way to combine both artistically! From a young age she took fashion as a challenge invoking her passion beyond colors, patterns, and even traditional styles. She started out by styling friends being the go to guru for what to wear, leading her to F.I.T where she studied fashion styling and textiles. Then took it one step further and focusing on business marketing, and balancing a personal life while being a mother at the same time! Jewell has established herself in the industry and becoming a household name everywhere, traveling from LA to Miami. Her humble beginnings started when a friend in the PR and Fashion Consultant  connected her with Stacey London's"What Not To Wear" head stylist Jess Ness. Through an internship Jewell received hands on experience that launched her career to working on the NBC network for the Today Show, Food Network, among many other opportunities! 
However Jewell Tracey wanted more for herself so she branched out into the urban market. J.Cole who is Jay-z's artist, Atlantic Records Donnis, then head stylist for the music video Hood Pride by Capone and Noreaga. From magazines to commercials you can spot Jewell Tracey's work everywhere and expanding further in her craft. Her inspirations are colors,music, bold prints and anything that will shock the senses into attention! However if you ever you can keep up with this dynamic woman through her site - or keeping track of all the latest work,events, even upcoming projects through her twitter @Fashionsocialit. Jewell Tracey is not just a stylist put a fashion guru who pushed the line across style to innovating style. Make sure you look out for her she might just be dressing your favorite celebrity sooner then you think!  
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