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Hill Harper Talks Role in 1982 & New TV Series Limitless

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Hill Harper Portrays "Tim Brown"  Father/Husband

Published author, and actor  Hill Harper is no stranger to deep roles, however, after speaking with him he told me this one was a challenge. Mr. Harper has never worked with a child before plus not being a father, he really had to learn his character and the role from fresh eye's and perspective.  He told me he hopes people watch the movie not the  race, they see a fathers love for his daughter and fight for his family not a black man and but a man. Granted, once you watch this film you'll notice how devoted his character really is to protecting his daughter, and while fighting for his family even when  falling apart would have been easier.  It's almost impossible to miss how devoted his character really is to maintain his family, but the struggling, conflict for his wife in trying to help her and the protective nature of fatherhood trying to keep his daughter out of harms ways, the movie is a constant roller coaster of emotion from joy, to sadness even a slight hint of anger just to resolve the peaceful feeling of the film coming together.

1982 tackles a family, not from the addict's view, but the family left behind, and fighting for each other and this movie tackles a single father because once addiction hits "Tim Brown" was on his own to raise his daughter. Mr. Harper tells me about the experience of working with the late legendary actress Ruby Dee, he said it was an experience he was fortunate to have before her passing, plus the honor working with her husband the late legend Ossie Davis.  He also talks about the fact that films like this don't make it to the academy awards due to the fact it's not about slavery or civil rights, he expressed the need to understand there are better roles, movies, stories to tell outside of slavery and civil rights, not always about jail or criminals. Furthermore roles like  "Tim Brown" who he considers a hero and an honor for him to portray in the film, a man who is hardworking, devoted, loving, among fighting for his family. He also talked about how it was an honor to work with director Tommy Oliver and the cast, the whole movie will have you rethinking addiction and hopefully the film will show how fathers especially for daughters are essential! 

1982 being an emotional roller coaster with a packed cast of actors, Mr. Harper discussed with me that the movie has it's moments from scene to scene without being rushed or forced. The movie owed each emotion for the scenes you were watching, if you don't tear up that means you're not paying attention. We both focused on how this movie isn't about race nor should you concentrate on race, but the family and fight for love. I asked him what does he want the people to walk away with from watching 1982, and he told me "1st this movie isn't about race, but a man fighting for his family, 2nd that this role of a hardworking man, devoted father are roles we don't see often. Not in jail or a criminal, but a father holding it down providing for his family, with a regular job" and then added "3rd I'd like for you to walk away with a different understanding about addition, we all know someone who has been addicted to something so this film should be easy to relate to, because it's not about race or focused on race but a family. 1982 is available now with a must see demanding endorsement, we also discussed the need for more roles, showing the positive father role in films, the Oscars are looking for that nomination for a slavery film but were much more than that with more stories to tell. 

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