Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Man-gagement IT'S Engagement season

It's time to share ladies  after all it's their wedding too, and the new popular trend is "Man-gagement rings" where fellas are supporting the upcoming nuptials.  Trust they want bling too, they want to announce yeah "I'm engaged"  or "I said Yes" because nowadays women are proposing! Either way it's a great way to get use to wearing a ring. Celebrities are wearing engagement rings to showcase it's official I'm off the market and getting married.

Thanks to TraxNYC  fellas the one store that customizes your ring needs. Now when your out no need for words because the symbol is already there, and my personal opinion I love this idea of  men sporting their engagement rings, the bride is already a focus with the dress, picking flowers, and wanting the dream wedding she's imagined most of her young lady years. Now men get a part of that excitement of congratulations and celebration. Personally I'm jealous these rings are flawless, plus they are tailored fit to a mans delight.   Plus just like her ring you can customize the stones, cut, and style so it's yours and life is about to begin into forever, plus you can get matching sets!