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Zeusvision - New Age Digital Marketing - Mass Advertisement - Zeusvision

"Outdoor advertising is an elitist business. I want to bring the power of large-scale outdoor media within reach of the average person." –Giovanni Wolfgang, CEO, Zeusvision

Often technology comes along and spurs new innovation and creates new players in the game. This is what happened at Zeusvision. The founders at Zeusvision saw a new opportunity with these large multimedia signs. They realized that perhaps these billboards didn’t need to be dug in at a single location and mounted on poles. They thought to themselves, “What if these multimedia billboards had wheels and an engine?” That spark of inspiration bloomed into the Zeusvision digital media bus with 31-foot, full-color, multimedia displays on either side.

“Our belief at Zeusvision (more than anything) is that people want to be recognized and they want their voice to be heard. This assumption is evidenced by the millions of comments and tweets posted to social media sites and blogs daily, not counting the bloggers themselves.”

"Our message is rather simple: The average person or business owner should be able to get their message out to the most influential groups of people, in the most sought after geographic locations."–Giovanni Wolfgang

Just a few samples of why this revolutionary marketing, is going to take over how you do business! Whether your a start up business, globally known empire, or just simply spreading an announcement, Zeusvision has taken a new stand digitally with the size to capture your attention. Marketing, branding, campaigning is all about location, location and capture your targeted audience. The minds of many are visual when it comes to pitching your company it's all about presentation! Zeusvision tackles just that customizing your needs and tackling the newest ways to capitalize on success in your business! Checkout for your direct link to new age marketing, it's more than just social media blast it's tapping into the locations that spread the mass media attention of your possible consumers and continuous buyers.  Zeusvision will officially launch on the 27th of October, and it's already making headway on the upcoming inspired businesses! 

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Zeusvision is including on-board technologies, like GPS, cameras, inertial motion sensors, light sensors, eye tracking, gesture tracking, real-time GPU processing, and other tech packages they are still exploring that allow your graphics and video to interact with the public in ways never dreamed before. They will release their Software Development Kit (SDK) and Application Programming Interface (API) in Q1 of 2015 so other developers can participate. Think of Zeusvision as a huge iPhone™ on wheels that can position itself wherever the client desires, delivering customized multimedia messages and experiences for as little as $99.
To celebrate their vision of “giving the people their voice back,” Zeusvision is giving away free tickets to the 2015 Zeusvision Music Festival for all of the customers that support the Zeusvision Public launch campaign starting on the 27th of October. These are exciting times, to discover more about the Zeusvision Public launch head over to

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If your going to advertise do it the right way, the company of choice Zeusvision! Billboards not enough for you anymore, the plain posting inside a store front window not enough? No fear Zeusvision is your solid best solution, image your launching a new clothing line, new sneaker line, or even better a new product. You look up and a bus driving buy has your logo on the side, for thousands to see all at one time. Or better yet your walking down the street and billboard and before you make it up the street another sign proudly hanging for all to see! Zeusvision is all about location, location, location and proper placement are very key! In this market in today's times it's not about fast turnovers but lasting success! With Zeusvision you'll notice that everything is tailor-made for their clientele needs personal touches, technical based advertisements that reaches surpassed normal advertisement. You need custom press for your business, brand you'll need a company that excels in your expectations,  Checkout see first hand how real brand-makers have you shine in the big view! Don't forget to  keep up with the latest on twitter @zeusvision for updates among more! Double Decker bus used in the revolutionary way to launch and campaign for your success! checkout below how it all come together for your audience of perspective views or buyers. 

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2015 Spring Fashion - Dalia MacPhee Collection

 Designer Dalia MacPhee has done it once again another collection, that's remarkably breath taking! The rich infused colors to the with the collaboration of divine details, Dalia has truly enhanced the romantic eyes into fashion delight. Either a elegant anniversary dinner, gracing the red carpet affair, attending and event, even date night, possibly a wedding you'll be attending. No matter the reason Dalia MacPhee will have you dressed the be the "Bell of the Ball"! You can find all these designs and more of her fabulous collection on . You'll love the designer feel among the jaw dropping embrace from across the room. Dalia MacPhee has truly channeled the essence of womanly sexiness without going overboard. As always she's captured the essence of all the colors, only using the most captivating, bright and boldest of blacks, with a wide range of hues in blue! Plus it hugs the curves and touches the highlights of a woman's beauty. No wonder she's dressed the women of "Dancing with the Stars" , even gracing in magazines among those very red carpets with your favorite A-list celebrity!

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