Saturday, October 18, 2014

2015 Spring Fashion - Dalia MacPhee Collection

 Designer Dalia MacPhee has done it once again another collection, that's remarkably breath taking! The rich infused colors to the with the collaboration of divine details, Dalia has truly enhanced the romantic eyes into fashion delight. Either a elegant anniversary dinner, gracing the red carpet affair, attending and event, even date night, possibly a wedding you'll be attending. No matter the reason Dalia MacPhee will have you dressed the be the "Bell of the Ball"! You can find all these designs and more of her fabulous collection on . You'll love the designer feel among the jaw dropping embrace from across the room. Dalia MacPhee has truly channeled the essence of womanly sexiness without going overboard. As always she's captured the essence of all the colors, only using the most captivating, bright and boldest of blacks, with a wide range of hues in blue! Plus it hugs the curves and touches the highlights of a woman's beauty. No wonder she's dressed the women of "Dancing with the Stars" , even gracing in magazines among those very red carpets with your favorite A-list celebrity!

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