Thursday, May 31, 2012

Klip's collection of tie-dyed and colored denim

Klip's collection of tie-dyed and colored denim with colors ranging from warm oranges and cobalt blues to eye-catching reds and purples. Giving your jeans a unique, one-of-a-kind look is the objective that this colorful collection is striving for. Maintain that effortless feel of wear and tear in Klip’s collection that features the new fashion trend of incorporating an array of warm tones. Stay in style this Fall with these affordable and stunning denim pieces.

Klip's goal is to revolutionize fashion’s must-have staple at the affordable cost of $15 to $25 and available at WalMart and additional retailers.

These two different styles, the tie-dye and the solid colored denim, and perfect to add to your wardrobe to stay up to date with the latest trends while staying within your budget. Giving you a variety of colors to choose from, Klip allows you to update your wardrobe effortlessly.

*Tie-dyed Klip denim available for $20*
*Solid Colored Klip Denim available for $25*