Monday, February 3, 2014


Author K. Lee has created a masterpiece of unlimited success, with her book entitled "A New Normal" ! This book is for all walks of life, we all battle with intimacy searching for the meaning of love and true lasting relationships. Many are often on a journey of exploring ones-self   trying to find out why we do the things we do, allowing the same conclusion to repeat it's self leaving the same void. Your about to embark on a book that's more of a journey when you first read chapter one! You'll be feeling erotic pleasure  from the descriptive language as you dig deeper into the pages you'll began to see reflections of yourself, Issues you try to hide, even the spaces where you run to shield your pain! Look into the lives of these three beautiful women all wanting the same thing but they're journey into self exploration, personal battles and overcoming the past of  betrayal. This book shows how both men and women often confuse the lines of love with sex, relationships with non-emotional attachment, and the fear of commitment! We've all been there, and know how we felt at that moment, now dive into a book that paints a picture you didn't when it was you! "A New Normal" isn't just a book it's a guide into revelations showing you the way into self discovery, change, and  newer being! You won't want to put this book down, filled with surprises and all the drama that comes with life,love and relationships! Recognize the sisterhood and embrace the unity that these three women display and capture the moments that molded this book!