Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Launch of Legally Vogue!

San Francisco, July 13, 2015.

Whether you are the CEO of an established fashion company looking to grow, a creative entrepreneur looking to start a business or a student getting a sense of the industry, you probably see that the fashion business is more than fashion, it is business. To succeed will require passion, vision, dedication and smarts.  Now, there is a free online resource sharing legal and business information, success stories and industry happenings.  Legally Vogue was founded to help creative, talented entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Run by a team of lawyers, business consultants, designers, tech professionals and bloggers, LV finally offers a welcoming, fun way to learn about the industry and find help when you need it.  Through their new video series "Conversations over Cocktails," as well as blog posts giving tips and insights, LV is like having friends who have done what you are working on and who are  willing to help.  LV will also be hosting events and offering unique opportunities for its readers such as beta-testing new fashion apps and getting involved in industry-only activities.

About Legally Vogue and Founder Brad Carrick

Legally Vogue was founded to be the preeminent legal and business-building resource for the fashion and design community. Our purpose is to enable creative artists and designers to do what they do best – create. We provide industry-relevant resources, success stories, event information and news to assist creative people to turn their talents in to a viable and successful business. By providing a fashion-friendly introduction to complex business and legal matters, we hope we help readers succeed and make their dreams reality.  LegallyVogue.com

Brad Carrick is a fashion lawyer at the law firm of Lord Bertram P.C. and has been practicing for over 10 years with a JD from Harvard Law School and an MBA from IE Business School in Spain.  He is also the founder of the "functional fashion" brand SOLZ which won Designer of the Year honors in the 2012 SF Fashion Awards for their solar-powered backpacks  His passion is helping creative entrepreneurs turn their talents into success by starting and growing their businesses.