Sunday, September 6, 2015


The winter is coming up ladies and gents with Caress body wash it's going to be very romantic, Fragrance lasting up to 12 hours, soft smooth skin from the velvet rich lather of lotion silk body wash. You'll think your bathing in perfume with every drop the aroma will take you away without leaving the shower. The fragrance will drive him to just want to be even closer than before, why not it's going to be chilly might as well stay warm. Ladies I DARE you to take a 30 day challenge of Caress new Fine Fragrance body wash, "Love Forever" will have you in a spell of luxury with the light but long lasting release within every touch! "Love Forever" for those long chilly nights coming up ahead, in general  ladies you'll appreciate that long lasting fragrance  around your busy days, to help unwind at night and  charm you into a better relaxing mood! My Personal favorite although both are exotically irresistible "Adore Forever" it that must have in addition. Sometimes ladies you just want to curl up with some popcorn, blanket, and movie while the night washes over you, and with that special someone snuggling close you'll release the rich aroma as if you were back in the shower all over again! Both fragrances will consume you with the needed smoothness that enriches the skin, imagine bathing in cleansing lotion scented with fine fragrances, that's what Caress has created! 

Photo Credits: Geneva Relf (Photographer)

To additional intensive body language expert says "Half of men are more likely to remember a woman’s scent or touch than her name."
below checkout more tips of closeness and signs to look for when dating or with a mate, that will leave a continuous lasting impression! 

·       Touch + scent = unforgettable. Leaving a lasting impression goes way beyond physical appearance; what matters is physical interaction and fragrance. A touch forms bonds, commitment and intimacy, while scent triggers feelings and memories.  Find a way to incorporate a natural touch; that instant connection is electric and makes an indelible memory.

Bonus, if you’re wearing Caress® Love Forever™ Body Wash, it will release a burst of perfume upon touch to truly captivate the person you’re meeting.

·       Beam with confidence. Show you’re comfortable in your own skin - stand tall, make sure hands are turned down (hands turned up are a submissive sign), make eye contact and dress in something that makes you feel good. You will radiate and be irresistible.

·       Talk without words. The average person takes in more signs than they realize, so if you’re looking to show someone you’re interested, lean in while you’re talking, point your feet toward the other person and nod while they speak to let them know you’re listening. Even the way tilt of your head speaks volumes – a tilt to the right signals you’re trustworthy (perfect for a job interview), while the left makes you more attractive (try it on a date). A soft touch to your heart and exposure of your neck are sure to send a message of sensuality.