Friday, December 2, 2016

The Royals : Season 3

E! NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Elizabeth Hurley Teases Son Damian's ''Obnoxious'' Role in The Royals Season 3: ''It Was Quite a Challenging Part''
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Elizabeth Hurley's son has also caught the acting bug.
In this exclusive interview with E! News, the mother-son duo chats about Damian Hurley's debut role on The Royals in the upcoming third season. The 14-year-old, who will play a spoiled German prince turned reality star, admits he's been anxious for this opportunity for a while.
"I was behind the scenes for the first two years, so I was sort of on the sidelines hovering," he explains. "So, it's really good to be in front of the camera…I loved it."
But how does mom feel about it?
"It's been interesting because as he said for the first two seasons he was always on the set because we shot right over his summer vacation from school," Elizabeth says. "He was always there—he was assisting, he was running lines with actors and everybody always said, 'You'll be in it one day, Damian.' And then suddenly it came that they'd written this part."
The 51-year-old actress reveals she initially thought it was "challenging" because of the foreign accent.
"You know, he was this big, huge character," she explains. "And as I said, he's a very good boy in real life and not obnoxious and suddenly he had this part where he had to be outrageously obnoxious, rude to everyone. He had his own man servant...and it was just fabulous for him to have his time to step up."
Watch the clip above to get Damian's opinion on the incredible experience!