Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Geneva: Now so many trends come and go in fashion. What trend would you be
overjoyed to never see return?

Pink Cherie: Let’s see. Where do I begin, multi colored leggings, baggy drapy tops with the fitted band on the bottom, denim short shorts with the pockets hanging out,  statement t-shirts that say what may be deemed as “funny,” high waisted harem pants and tops with rhinestones. LOL

Geneva: When it comes to women what do you think is the biggest mistake we make when it comes to accessories?

Pink Cherie: I believe the biggest mistake is not knowing when enough is enough. Sometimes you just may need to simply add earrings to your look and be done. Other times it can be not accessorizing at all and your look is blended in which actually conveys a message of being really dull.

Geneva: Can you tell us about Pink Friday?

Pink Cherie: Pink Fridays is an event we will begin hosting every Friday starting the first Friday in October for 6 months. This is an event where we will either take one item from the store and put it at a disgustingly low price. Like a necklace that was maybe $35.00 is now $7.00 just for that day. And of course we offer free standard shipping year round so that is really all your paying. Some of the Friday’s will be where we let consumers pick the price from our facebook fan page. We would announce the item on a Wednesday and offer various price ranges and with a quick vote before Friday whatever price is voted for, then on that Friday that is what it is available for and it is just for that one day and back to its normal price at 12:01am for Saturday. So basically like our facebook fan page and stay tuned to our Pink Fridays.

Geneva: What is the next level for Pink Cherie?

Pink Cherie: Right now we are working on licensing for our own signature collection called P.Series. We have these earrings that will just make your head go crazy because of the design. These are our signature earrings that you can look out for within the next year. The first edition will be a limited edition and we will be making an announcement on that. Also we are underway to opening up a boutique on Miami Beach. So we have a lot going on right now and just so excited for the women who just share the love and understand that we are here to cater to you.

Geneva: When it comes to fashion that is innovating can you name your top ten designers of all time?

Pink Cherie: My top ten designer would be Alexander McQueen (RIP), Oscar De La Renta, Roberto Cavalli, Valentino, Tracy Reese, Elie Saab, Monique Lhuillier, Zac Posen, Jason Wu, and Marc Jacobs.

Geneva: Animal prints are huge in fashion, what is so innovating about animal print?

Pink Cherie: Well what makes animal print so huge in fashion is that it is a time piece. It has always been around, from cheetah print to zebra, animal print has always added that pop to your look and really speaks sophistication when it isn’t overdone.

Geneva: There are so many innovating, fashion diva icons in the limelight right now, who are your top picks?

Pink Cherie: I really just like a woman who knows what works right for her so I would have to say my top five would be fashion divas Kerry Washington, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Michelle Obama, Olivia Palermo. Others I would include to the list would be Jennifer Lopez, Jada Pinkett Smith, Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson and Madonna.

Geneva: Pink Cherie has been spotted everywhere on some major celebrities. What was that defining moment that Pink Cherie was on the fashion map?

Pink Cherie: That moment of eureka came really not so much with celebrities as it did with customers providing us with endless amounts of thank you emails and also certain international singers wanting to be styled by us.

Geneva: What inspires you when you see fashion. What makes your list in the top fashion trends and must haves?

Pink Cherie: What inspires the most is really how a woman wears what she is wearing because it speaks volumes. I love it when women has a signature style that they own and wear correctly and know how to infuse trends into their signature look. As far as my list of top fashion must haves, I would say a must have is form fitting jeans, a fitted blazer, statement belt, a trench coat, all white dress, all black dress, and pencil skirt.

Geneva: Pink Cherie is innovative, remarkably the ultimate one stop for fashion and all that in between. What is it about fashion that is so powerful?

Pink Cherie: Fashion is all about freedom of expression and what gravitates people to fashion is how you express your style. Everyone wants to express themselves in some way. When you mute out fashion from your life as fashion is art, it’s basically like you are silencing yourself. You’re really not recognizing a part of you and ultimately dismissing your own voice.

Geneva: Thanks you so much for this opportunity, and is there anything you would like to say to your supporters before we go? Again don't forget to tell us where to find you and how to keep up with the latest.

Pink Cherie: I would love to say we do appreciate and love all our customers. Surprisingly enough, we remember many of them and really want to go out of our way and say thank you. Also you can shop at our online store which is And keep up with our latest announcements through our facebook page with is or through twitter which is