Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Pink Cherie
 Fabulous fashion just a click away!
Interview By: Geneva Relf

Geneva: Greetings and thank you so much for your time and this opportunity
to interview you!

Pink Cherie (Tatiana) : Thank you. It is a blessing to have this opportunity with you as well.

Geneva: Pink Cherie is known for it's innovation in fashion & style. What gives Pink Cherie the edge in fashion?

Pink Cherie: What really gives Pink Cherie the edge is the woman wearing the clothing. We stand behind our clothing believing that for the Pink Cherie woman, this particular piece would work well, but we know that despite what we pick it is all about how it is worn and the combination of clothing and accessories we provide the Pink Cherie woman to create and make a look her own. Our edge is unapologetic. We love all things feminine and luxurious.

Geneva: Pink Cherie was established in 2007, what was the motivation behind starting Pink Cherie?

Pink Cherie: Pink Cherie really started out from a love and passion for dresses and jewelry. Seeing a small group of women who understood their presence and purpose on earth and did things with a grace, fueled the love to create a brand that established catering to this woman who knew who she was already. She is not defining it or searching for it. She stands for something.

Geneva: Pink Cherie is a beautiful name of sophistication, where did it come from?

Pink Cherie: Actually the name came about from my mother as well as myself. I wanted the word pink to be in the name since I believe there should be a touch of pink in everything since pink symbolize femininity, and my mother was just blurting out words and she said Cherie as she sometimes tends to call me which in French means baby or sweetheart. So we put it together and called it Pink Cherie.

Geneva: Who is Pink Cherie, and why must the rest of the world tune into
it's fashion?

Pink Cherie: Great question. Pink Cherie is the woman who is extremely confident in herself and exudes it in such a way to which she is selling her personality/image everyday and doesn’t shy away from it. In fact she is the image that others want to be because she is so comfortable with her femininity and confidence. She stands by what she believes in and is not shaken by others uncertainties about themselves. She is a woman who has control over what manifest in her life and is the result of her own reasoning. She sets her own style, motivates other women into acknowledging their own truth as well as lives in it everyday. Her confidence may be deemed as arrogance and quite frankly appalling but none the less she is recognized for the virtues she carries. Pink Cherie’s motto is “My personal style is your personal motivation.” The Pink Cherie woman has the style that others look to obtain.

Geneva: Now Pink Cherie is deigned with a women in mind. When it comes to
fashion what is the most important rule all women need to remember?

Pink Cherie: The one MAIN rule women need to remember is that not all rules apply to you. Basically do not restrict yourself to exploring other parts of your style and personality because of so called “fashion rules.” As the saying goes, learn the rules, then break them. If you are a Pink Cherie woman you define your style and your own rules. 

Geneva: When it comes to trends what are the do's and don't that many seem
to forget?

Pink Cherie: Trends are like …….how do I say this? Trends are fine to a certain extent. Basically it’s like having chef come in every Thanksgiving to prepare your turkey. Your chef tells you what you’re going to eat. You can expect the same thing every Thanksgiving. Maybe last year you had a glazed turkey and the year before that it was fried and now this year it’s baked. Either way it’s a turkey that will be on your plate at a certain time every season. Crazy to compare trends with turkeys but in essence what I’m saying is that as a don’t – do not give your “chef” aka “fashion whomever” total control of what is going to be on your closet and worn by you. If anything, a do for a trend is to ask yourself can I and will I wear this again in the two – six months and still look good in it? Is this trend for me because as we all know it is a complete NO to follow every trend because trends are not developed with every woman in mind. In fact to follow every trend says a lot about a person but that is a different story. Some trends just are not for you. The designer of that trend may not have you in mind or even think to target it to you. If the fashion trend of the moment does not accentuate any part of your body and display it in the most flattering way, then stay away from it.

Geneva: Is there one trend you wish would comeback to the forefront in fashion?

Pink Cherie: Honestly there aren’t really any trends that I wish would do a serious comeback as there are themes. I am a lover of the bunching up of bangle bracelets, the doorknocker earrings, classic boyfriend blazers, and the skinny ankle jeans. I am also a lover of a simple necklace and dress with scarf to act as a belt to accentuate the waist. But the reality for me is that themes carry more weight in how we dress. As far as fashion right now, I would love to see old style bohemian looks paired together with classic American looks with a lot more detail for blouses, tops and dresses. While these are contrasting styles, I believe these two looks can merge together and create some new staple pieces. I also see more so rugged colors working together with nude colors. These are the themes really I believe should be worked on right now.

Geneva: When it comes to accessories what is a classic must have?

Pink Cherie: Well outside from the shoes and handbag, I’m a firm believe a great belt. What I mean by this a statement belt. I don’t care if you’re wearing a simple wife beater and skirt, but once you pair it off with that one belt it just changes your look completely. Certain statement belts really are a good investment. Also hoop earrings of any size are a must as well as pearls and some great diamond-esqu (or cubic zirconium) stud earrings. Oh you also need to add a cocktail ring and a statement necklace.