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Defining Laz Alonso: Featured in Fuzion Magazine (Male Issue)

Defining Laz Alonso
Real life ‘Deceptions’,Journey into the Future
Inaugural Men’s issue Fuzion magazine

New York,NY April 25, 2013- Deception TV star and American heartthrob Laz Alonso is Fuzion magazine’s cover guy for its first men’s issue for May/June. The  007 Daniel Craig theme brought out the ‘Will Moreno” character that he plays during his TV show “Deception” with co-star Megan Good. Alonso opened up and deeply expressed to Fuzion his personal experience in dealing with “Deception.”

“My experience dealing with deception in my own life was loving somebody and not being able to have them. While on screen I actually feel it and go back to re-live some of these experiences.”

Alonso, shares his views on being single, dealing with rejection and  his film journey with a new project he’s working on with Chris Brown.

“The only thing that’s going to keep you pushing and keep you depersonalizing rejection is if you totally love what you're doing.”

Fuzion latest issue can be seen here

About Laz Alonso:
Born and raised in Washington DC, Laz always knew he wanted to be an actor. He remembers at a very early age entertaining his family by imitating relatives and family friends. He graduated from the prestigious Howard University School of Business, earning a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. After college, he worked on Wall Street at an investment banking firm. He and several partners eventually started their own marketing business, promoting mainstream products to the trend-setting urban market. Owning and operating his own successful business freed up Laz’s time to finally explore his passion for acting. Laz began taking classes in the evening to hone his craft and it didn't take him long to begin landing roles in commercials and videos.

From D.C. to New York, Laz feels his upbringing not only taught him how to deal with the school of hard knocks, but also prepared him for his biggest goal, his acting career. He credits the move to NYC as his move into manhood and the city holds many great memories for him. Laz also credits his acting ability to these life experiences, as he is able to bring a little of what he knows or has dealt with into his characters.

About Fuzion:
Fuzion is not your average publication. With competitive local and national content it differentiates itself by being ‘a must’ for trendsetters, entrepreneurs, and influential people in any metro area. Its programming ranges from fashion, health/beauty to nightlife, celebrity interviews, music showcases, concerts and any influential people globally. With this fireball combination, it attracts a progressive, multicultural audience and now serves as a companion with the interactive Fuzion TV.

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