Tuesday, April 16, 2013

SAVE THE DATE: Origin Africa & Hard Rock International Invite you to Celebrate The New Africa on 4/22 at the Hard Rock, Times Square


Origin Africa & Hard Rock International invite you
to Celebrate the New Africa

Monday, April 22, 2013

Forget what you thought you knew about Africa and learn
about the waking Lion Economies


Please join us for a two-part event:

Monday, April 22, 2013
Hard Rock Cafe, Times Square
1501 Broadway New York, NY 10036
12 - 3pm - Panel and light lunch
6-8pm - Evening Event with Acoustic performances where
attending Celebrities, Panelists and Guests can exchange
RSVP for one or both events by April 18, 2013


Additional Details:
Origin Africa is an ongoing campaign and initiative by USAID COMPETE dedicated to improving African trade, matching the many educated, talented and skilled African designers and entrepreneurs with experienced industry leaders to facilitate, coordinate and advance “trade, not aid” efforts. The result is both a creative and economic flourishing in Africa, and since 2009 the USAID COMPETE initiative, Origin Africa, have facilitated over $100 million in exports to the U.S. through AGOA and assisted 200 firms to grow their business and gain market access or expand in the U.S.

Join us in this engaging conversation to continue to help increase Africa's creative and economic well-being through the good work of USAID COMPETE Origin Africa.

1:00pm Panel Discussion: Panel to discuss where
Africa has been and where it is now. Focus on emerging
industry, untapped talent, natural resources and exciting
new frontier. Panel also to discuss opportunity for US
based fashion and home decor industry, and the financial
impact of committing to producing or sourcing just one
item for next year can have on Africa as well as on US.

Doreen Mashika, Founder and Designer of DMZanzibar
Janice Sullivan, CEO for EDUN
Anill Joyram, Chairman, Candytex Group
Llenay Ferretti, CEO at Bhavana World Project Inc
Jim Thaller, Managing Director, Talier Trading Group
Mark Walton, Managing Director, Onyx Global Marketing,
Moderator: Annie Balliro, Director of Philanthropy Hard

6:00-8:00pm Event Celebrating the new Africa.
The event, hosted by Origin Africa
& Hard Rock International, will feature Acoustic
Performances and be attended by panelists as well
as celebrity guests.


The Facts About Africa Today:

*The Lion economies are booming, entrepreneurs and
companies are already successfully doing business with
and within Africa

*Six of 10 of the world’s fastest-growing economies

*The world's fastest-growing middle class

*It is the next & last big frontier - from manufacturing
for global brands employing thousands to artisanal
production by women coops changing their families’

*Supporting commerce with and within Africa supports
sustainable economic recovery and overall growth: Using

business as a means for societal change – helping a
people learn a skill and earn a living, instilling pride and
the opportunity to build a better life for generations to

Origin Africa is an ongoing campaign and initiative dedicated to improving African trade. Comprised of producers, designers, small businesses, exporters, buyers and retailers, we are working to develop, guide and promote African trade in the following sectors: textiles/apparel, cut flowers, specialty foods, home décor, and fashion accessories.

Many educated, talented and skilled African designers and entrepreneurs are quickly and indelibly creating change in their countries. Origin Africa matches their enthusiasm with experienced industry leaders to facilitate, coordinate and advance “trade, not aid” efforts, while Origin Africa events continue to attract and invite the most innovative minds to attend.

Africa: The Lion Economy Awakes
Africa. It may not be on the top of your list or the top of your mind for your design, fashion and manufacturing needs, but it should be. You see, it’s time to start learning about Africa.

Here’s why…….

Get Ahead of the Curve
It’s simple. Africa is, quite literally, the final frontier. It’s the one place left in the world that has the brains, labor and capacity to handle your needs.

Just as the Asian countries were known as the “Dragon Economies” in the 90s, Africa is becoming known as the “Lion Economy” now. You need to find out why.

Boost Your Corporate Social Responsibility
Sustainability, Fair trade, Green marketing, Africa has it all. In many ways, environmental friendliness is built into the DNA of Africa. And with more modern, recently constructed facilities, you’ll find state of the art operations that meet the needs of your customers.

For more information, please contact:
Elizabeth Freund
Beautiful Day Media