Saturday, April 26, 2014


Where high fashion is more than just a designer dress you wear, it's more than just fashionable jeans that are tailored fit just for your shape. What's on your upper body is just as important on the lower body. The right pair of shoes can lock in any outfit! "The right shoes can change your life" -Cinderella ; Shoes make a statement that lets the world know your outfit is complete, your look is polished, The Halloway Collection is that upscale, polished tailored look to bring any man to the next level! Dianne Halloway is that designer whose upscale collection adds more than just a class, but also is delivered in a briefcase to raise the bar of sophistication to your footwear! Every man deserves the right to feel just as polished, Men have evolved to stylish, charmingly with the flare of captivation of masculinity through fashion. Shoe fashion designer Dianne Halloway of Arizona has built a collection around a bold statement, the collection on display here is the Python Collection! You'll notice the detail, shine, and the color, pure upscale man on a mission feeling from the first lace up. "There's an awful lot you  Can tell  about a person by their shoes" - Forrest Gump; says it all. When asked about the upcoming collection, and what's the look, it's clear vibrant colors, and breathable design is important especially in a state where heat isn't friendly! Dianne Halloway Collection can be found here : become a fan, the hottest new sneakers especially for you sneaker-heads!  Welcome to the hottest new luxury footwear, upscale male sophistication, also follow on Instagram @HallowayCollection and Twitter @DIANNEHALLOWAY  for more reasons why you need to add this collection to your wardrobe! With countless coverage about the growing high demand fashion, sneakers trend taking over not just in the valley!