Tuesday, July 11, 2017

#DoUrPart alongside Rashad McCants

Looking around today we often see despaired neighborhoods, broken communities among youth looking for inspiration to move forward with promise of a better future!  Former NBA star Rashad McCants has been a beacon of lighting in a gray to dark area.  Stirring the direction calling all into action using his platform to generate the appeal of social media attention. Why social media, we all see the post of clubs and parties even the exposure of new alcohols or mixology creations but only on occasions do we really see do  gooders giving back and clean or even simple kind gestures of hope. We've looked around the globe to pray for others or to comment on how grave living conditions are but now more then ever the call again on this side of reformation. Show how you are willing to be a helping hand, hold a door, help someone cross the street. A step further feeding the homeless simple brown bag lunches to hand out, a few dollars to fill stomachs, even a smile when tears have lost effect.  This call to action has been a force  to be seen and joined.

Social Media  Challenge Call:


#D4SM Client #RashadMcCants  Leads Pro #Ballers into Uncharted Territory

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Hope you’re well.  May we have 1-2 minutes of your time to support a worthy initiative? We would be grateful if you would join in and repost the below message or create your own message on your respective social media platforms. Tell your colleagues and clients to join in as well to help spread this positive message about how we all can #DoUrPart in any aspect of life. BIG3 client Rashad McCants is doing his part by helping to eradicate hunger and end homelessness.

Please tag #rashadmccants and use #hashtag #DoUrPart so we can hear your personal testimony and story.
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If we ALL do our part, we ALL win! As a son, a brother, a father, a team player, a businessman - I know my position, my part, and the duty of service I owe to many others in need.
What are you doing to help others? What's your part? Hashtag #DoUrPart and tell me what you're doing as a part of the community to change, make a difference.
I am doing my part by partnering with #PerDiemsAgainstPoverty to end hunger, homelessness and provide opportunities for the underserved.

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