Monday, August 1, 2011

Junk Food Art House Presents Anthony Lister - HVW8 Art + Design Gallery , and Exhibition On View until August 29th

LOS ANGELES - July 29, 2011
 Stars including Tinsel Korey, Janelle Ortiz, and Jared Kusnitz gathered tonight to celebrate the notable trifecta of collaborators: Anthony Lister, HVW8 Art + Design Gallery, and Junk Food.

Junk Food Clothing is pleased to announce Junk Food Art House Presents Anthony Lister, celebrating the launch of its innovative new platform Junk Food Art House — highlighting creative initiatives spanning art, film and fashion. Following a 3-week long teaser poster campaign on the streets of Los Angeles featuring “wanted” posters of lost DC Comics Super Heroes, Junk Food Art House made its debut tonight with a special event held at HVW8 Art + Design Gallery. This event brings together a notable trifecta of collaborators: Anthony Lister, HVW8 Art + Design Gallery, and Junk Food.

For the project, Junk Food Art House has teamed up with internationally-acclaimed Australian street artist Anthony Lister. Known for his iconic imagery of Super Heroes, Lister customized the artwork of Warner Bros.’ legendary DC Comics Super Hero characters, including Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Aquaman and The Flash in his signature style. Lister comments, “Decidedly, I have chosen to use comic book characters as a metaphor to reference ancient mythological battles between heroes and villains, authority figures and survivalists, pseudo-equality and the general human condition today.”

Throughout the month of July, a series of mysterious and much talked-about street posters featuring Lister’s DC Comics Super Hero artwork, created exclusively for Junk Food Art House, were spotted throughout Los Angeles. The poster campaign will culminate in a launch event at HVW8 art + design gallery on July 29. Transforming the space with custom murals throughout the gallery’s exterior and interior, Lister will unveil a large-scale site-specific painting for the show. The centerpiece will be an old-fashioned ice cream truck cov­ered in vibrant graphics painted by Lister and will serve as a mobile pop-up shop, officially launching Junk Food’s entrée into mobile retail. The evening will also feature an assortment of not-to-be missed highlights, including a video installation displaying exclusive footage of Lister customizing the truck and the premiere of Junk Food’s t-shirt collaboration with Lister. A limited-edition collection of poster art will debut the night of the opening and be available the entire month of August in addition to Lister’s exhibition at HVW8 Gallery.

Following recent product installations in Colette, Selfridges, and Beams, this collaboration marks the pre­miere project for Junk Food Art House, a project highlighting unique artists followed by limited edition product capsules sold at leading retailers throughout the world. Andrei Najjar, Vice President at Junk Food, notes, “We are incredibly excited to launch our newest brand platform with Anthony Lister. Our DNA is built from art and creativity and Lister’s signature non-traditional approaches to his craft are similar to the values that formed our company over 12 years ago.”

Open to the public, the launch event for Junk Food Art House Presents Anthony Lister takes place on Friday, July 29, from 8 to 11 p.m. at HVW8 Art + Design Gallery, and the exhibition will be on view until August 29, 2011.

Junk Food Art House
Junk Food Art House is an exciting new platform by Junk Food, the original vintage t-shirt company recog­nized worldwide for its pop-culture properties. With its pulse on creative content from around the globe, art is and always has been at the heart of Junk Food. Highlighting the brand’s creative ingenuity and original core values, Junk Food Art House engages the art community through a carefully-curated program of creative initiatives spanning art, film and fashion. Presenting a unique approach to the concept of artist collaborations, Junk Food Art House celebrates well-established names as well as rising talent through limited-edition prod­uct releases, innovative pop-up spaces, special events and unique partnerships.

Junk Food
Junk Food came onto the scene in 1998 as the original vintage t-shirt company, creating and forever changing the premium t-shirt market. Known for its soft, comfy fabrics and witty art, Junk Food is a celebrity fa­vorite carried throughout the top stores throughout the world. A fully-owned subsidiary of Delta Apparel Inc. (NYSE: DLA), Junk Food is a licensing powerhouse with distribution rights to over 800 pop-culture properties across multiple categories including rock & roll, characters, movies, sports, and foods.

Anthony Lister
Anthony Lister’s tireless approach to living is an unrelenting approach to art. His name and imagery are on street corners worldwide, accessing a massive audience by way of stickers, aerosol paint and all manner of markers. His paintings, drawings, sculptures and happenings pull from his experiences as a youth in Aus­tralia and as a father of two. Super Heroes, skateboarding, graffiti, Australian gangster celebrities, television, jail birds, tattoos, the internet, pop and advertising resurface in his art practice. With invitational residencies in London and New York, a mentorship under Max Gimblett, a CV as long as your arm—including shows at Elms Lester London, New Image Art L.A., Metro 5 Gallery Melbourne and K Gallery Italy—numerous awards and monographs, Anthony Lister’s renown among peers, curators and collectors is testament not just to his extreme productivity but his work’s exceptional potency.

HVW8 Art + Design Gallery
HVW8 Art + Design Gallery represents and facilitates the spirit and collaboration between art, music and design. In 1998 Tyler Gibney founded HVW8 in Montreal with local artists Gene Pendon and Dan Buller and in 2005 he and Addison Liu opened HVW8 in Los Angeles. With a focus in supporting avant-garde graphic design, it soon became the premier underground gallery in Los Angeles and over the past three years has featured artists such as Parra, Geoff McFetridge, Kevin Lyons, Ed Templeton, Lance Mountain, Mos Def with Cognito, Charles Munka, Michael Leon and Alvaro Illizarbe.