Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Victoria Justice Attends 2011 Imagen Awards in Philip Press and Soffer Ari Jewelry

Victoria Justice dazzled on the red carpet Friday at the 26th Annual Imagen Awards Gala in Philip Press diamond earrings and ring and Soffer Ari black and white gold bangles. The Victorious star was nominated for Best Young Actress on Television! and presented during the gala, looking every bit the glamorous young starlet.
            Victoria matched her gunmetal dress with a Philip Press black and white diamond band in 18K white gold and platinum diamond studs with a pave diamond border, and Soffer Ari’s Trafficante Bangles with pave diamonds in 18K black gold and 18K white gold with brim pave diamonds.
            Both Soffer Ari and Philip Press are Los Angeles locals and veterans in the fine jewelry trade with stores in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, respectively. Soffer Ari’s rock-inspired hand made pieces are also available at Louis of Boston, Theodore in Beverly Hills and online at www.SofferAri.com. The Hollywood glamour of Philip Press is available exclusively on his Sunset Blvd. store in West Hollywood.

Philip Press platinum and diamond studs with pave diamond border, $7,500
Philip Press 18K white gold black and white diamond band, $2,500
Soffer Ari Trafficant Bangles with pave diamonds in 18K black gold and 18K white gold (also pictured above in yellow gold), $3,374 each

Melda Guvenc