Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Sex & the City" Meets ESPN: A Sportscast for Women

"Sex & the City" Meets ESPN: A Sportscast for Women

 “Sex & the City meets ESPN,” this interactive hub provides entertainment for women while their partner takes over the television during the game and ignore them—for the girls who choose their teams based on the hottest pitcher not on his ERA. Bored by having to put up with their sports-addicted husbands, Emmy Award-winning producer Lena Sutherland and holistic nutritionist Jules Mancuso decided to take matters into their own hands. WhiletheMenWatch began as an experiment by these two reallife best friends from New York City and Toronto to comment on the game the way that regular announcers don’t; eventually turning their frustrations into an entertainment and social media platform. 

WhiletheMenWatch features “girl talk” style commentary during the game about the players, the fans and the rules of the sport, including discussions from the umpire's ensemble to cheering for their “boyfriend of the game.”WhiletheMenWatch ( is not sports bashing, but rather a fun, fresh take on watching sports that any woman can enjoy—even educating listeners on how to use key phrases throughout the game viewing for better participation (shouting “use the boards!” usually elicits positive response from boyfriends/husbands).

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