Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Art of Dressing for Men - Style from A Glam Designer's Perspective

Have we traded in caring about dressing for men and evolved to a new fashion aesthetic that doesn’t appeal to them?
Bad girl and style diva Beverly Feldman says ‘no’ and promises that glamour and feminine dressing will always have a place in fashion, regardless of the era, but it exists among very different style aesthetics that represent our individual self expression.
Today’s style direction, led by emerging designers and pretty young things, are leading the pack toward an aesthetic that is daringly different, and knowingly unappealing to men.  The eye opening style that dares to ignore the ‘man appeal,’ has become commonplace language in fashion now, specifically known as ‘man-repelling.’  The influence of minimalist designers, androgyny, digital media and 21 year old fashion blogger, Leandra Medine, aka, ‘The Man Repeller’ segued the phrase into full-fledged fashion vocabulary. 
In reality, the question is not new, at all, and although an actual phrase has been accepted, the women of the 1980s began splitting the set into two distinct styles even then:
Women dressing for women vs. women dressing for men
So what are women’s shoes and trends that men love?  What is sexy to a man and what is not?
Designer Beverly Feldman gives women tips on picking shoes that men love… if that is your mission.

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