Saturday, May 17, 2014

Amar'e Stoudemire at The Art of Shavings - Lexington Collection Launch Last Night

NYC, 15th May 2014 – The Art of Shaving launched the Lexington Collection™ with All Star New York Knicks Power Forward, Amar’e Stoudemire in New York City last night. Todd Brisky, Marketing Director of The Art of Shaving interviewed Amar’e on his distinctive style and grooming regime. The partnership was inspired by the innovative Lexington's Collection™ FLEXBALL™ pivoting technology, where Amar’e gave an unforgettable interactive experience whilst explaining how important pivoting is to the game and how that relates to the Lexington Collection.

Amar’e explained "Everything that you do in basketball requires you to use the proper footwork. I believe pivoting to be one of the most important moves in the game as you use the forward and reverse pivot on both the offense and defense side of the floor throughout the entire game." As well as being known for his skills on the court, Amar’e has become a regular on men’s style pages: "It's important to always look your best. I pride myself on having a sense of style that is unique to me and being well groomed and clean shaven is an important part of maintaining that appearance."

The event took place within a specially built neon basketball court, where Amar’e showcased pivoting skills and layups - all whilst in his suit.

A shaving set inspired by New York City’s iconic Lexington Avenue

The city where The Perfect Shave™ started is now inspiring The Art of Shaving’s newest shaving set, The Lexington Collection™. Featuring superior craftsmanship, the timeless luxury finish pays very close attention to detail, incorporating a streamlined look to mirror its namesake, Lexington Avenue.

To launch the newest collection from The Art of Shaving, we collaborated with Amar’e Stoudemire,  Six – Time All – Star New York Knicks Power Forward, to create an unforgettable interactive experience while explaining how Basketball relates to innovative The Lexington Collection™ FLEXBALL™ pivoting technology.

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