Thursday, May 15, 2014

HELM Boots Spring Line and Brand Redesign

SPRING 2014 


All Styles Designed In Austin And Built In Maine From Domestically Sourced Materials

AUSTIN, TX - HELM BOOTS is proud to announce the launch of their new brand redesign from the ground up. At the same time HELM is also releasing the unique new styles of their American made spring 2014 line, which will be available for order March first. Designer Chris Bilheimer took charge of the company's new look.

HELM's redesign includes exciting updates to the logo and brand imagery, a new look to the website (, new store signage, and sales collateral; even the packaging is seeing a reboot. The upcoming spring 2014 boots ­ the Dash Chestnut, Dash Gray, Philips Copper, and Lotzer Teak ­ similarly showcase this unique new design, while still sporting the brand's stylish durability using the finest domestic materials. Although the sturdy, well-crafted look and feel of the HELM footwear fans have come to know and love is still there, the vision was to infuse more modern style lines and cohesive identity into the company. It's a huge step forward in the evolution and brand refinement of this young American boot maker. 

"HELM has been through a lot for such a young company, and since it is now really getting its legs and growing, it only made sense to redesign the branding and identity. And who better to do this with us than close friend and awesome designer Chris Bilheimer!" says Joshua Bingaman.

Bilheimer worked in tandem with the HELM team to develop a unique look and concept for the Austin company. If you don't recognize Bilheimer's name, chances are you've held his work in your hands. He's been R.E.M.'s art director since 1994 designing album art and more, and he's art directed all of Green Day's releases since 1997's "Nimrod". The albums he's designed for artists have combined sales of over 30 million copies and have received three Grammy nominations in the packaging categories. He's worked for dozens of bands including Nirvana, Weezer, Beck, and Smashing Pumpkins, and has designed for comedians David Cross, Bob Odenkirk, Patton Oswalt, Sarah Silverman and more, as well as for film and television posters and campaigns.

"I could see that HELM was evolving beyond just a heritage brand and they needed a look to match their vision for the future," says Chris Bilheimer. "HELM will always have a classic and timeless foundation, but they never rest on cliches or follow trends. As proud as they are of their American manufacturing, there is more to the brand and their vision than the Americana aesthetic that has saturated the marketplace.  I wanted to give them an identity that doesn't look like anything out there now, but still feels familiar and comfortable."

Since Bingaman launched HELM in 2009, the company has experienced an organic growth that has really begun to speed up in the past few years. It was clear this was the right time to restructure the identity as going beyond, but not completely abandoning, the traditional "heritage brand" aesthetic that has gained HELM a loyal following. This redesign follows other bold changes to the brand, including the decision in 2012 to move all production to the US. After designing and producing the first four seasons in Istanbul, Turkey, the move brought the design work to Austin and the production to Maine. Constructed of Horween leathers from Chicago, and fabrics and denims from New Jersey and North Carolina, HELM represents some of the finest craftsmanship you could put on your feet.

In 2013, HELM also opened its first retail location in Austin, Texas, where they not only sell boots but other US-made goods and accessories, shoe care products, home goods, and more. They also hold monthly events featuring demos and meet-and-greets with other like-minded makers and craftsmen. 

The Dash Chestnut: This boot features a round toe in a buttery chestnut leather with natural calf skin lining and a boat sole. It includes a soft brown suede quarter with a unique design. MSRP: 349.00

The Dash Gray: It features a round toe in a soft, gray rough out leather with a deer skin lining and a boat sole. It has a monotonal gray suede quarter with a unique design. MSRP: 349.00

The Philips Copper: This boot has a classic chukka design in a unique copper brown rough out leather with a calf skin lining. It features HELM's signature midsole and a suppler leather dress sole. MSRP: 355.00

The Lotzer Teak: It features HELM's stylized box toe in Teak Fargo leather with calf skin lining. It has a durable Vibram Christy sole and contrast stitching on the upper. MSRP: 379.00

The boots above in HELM's spring 2014 line all come in sizes 7-13, including half sizes, and will be available for purchase March 1 online or at their retail location. You can purchase footwear or find out more about the brand at Follow them at or on Twitter and Instagram @helmboots