Thursday, May 15, 2014

Help Artwear Designs Reach its Goal to Work with New Artists Across the U.S.

Chapel Hill, N.C. – Artwear Designs, an established fashion company that provides art-based apparel to the younger generation, seeks to raise $10,000 by May 28, 2014. Co-founded by full-time undergraduates, Natalia Gonzalez Chavez and Lisa Marie Myers, Artwear Designs needs funding to take its mission to the next level. Chavez and Myers hope to add more artists’ designs to the Artwear collection, including one artist from each state. Funding will also help purchase inventory and storage space, pay for legal and accounting costs, expand the style selections for current and future designs and offset the costs of being recently being selected to sponsor the Teen Choice Awards, an exclusive opportunity that only allows a limited number of companies to showcase their products.

“Artwear Designs bridges art and fashion by taking art out of its traditional setting and onto the streets through wearable art,” said co-founder and CEO Natalia Gonzalez Chavez. Her partner, co-founder Lisa Marie Myers adds, “We recruit and collaborate young, undiscovered artists, take a piece of artwork out of their portfolio and screen print it on American-made clothing.” Their mission is to create wearable art that is stylish, affordable and accessible to young consumers.

Currently, Artwear Designs utilizes artwork from eight artists in eight cities across the United States. The artwork represented caters to different tastes by using a variety of art mediums including photography, watercolors, ink drawings and oil paints. This venture provides trend setting, American-made and manufactured apparel while exposing people to fabulous art. It also supports undiscovered American artists who may struggle to make ends meet. Artwear artists receive a share of the profits from the sale of apparel with their individual designs.

To encourage support for the Artwear Designs campaign, donors can choose from eleven pledge levels, ranging from $1 to $1,000. A limited, featured $50 perk (only 10 are available) includes two crop tops from the Premiere collection and a handwritten thank you note from the co-founders. The $1,000 pledge will get a contributor any ten shirts from the Premiere collection as well as original artwork by Brooklyn or Chapel Hill artists, a surprise necklace, a Morning Brigade CD, a 20 percent off coupon for use on the website, a thank you note and the ability to have a local artist (from the contributor’s hometown) or one from a chosen American city, featured as an Artwear Artist for the next collection. See the campaign page for more details.

“Our hope is to infuse an appreciation of art into everyone’s daily lives by creating a new type of street wear that makes a positive social impact,” said Chavez.