Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sugar & Bruno Partners with Top Dance Celebrities for Street Wear Line


Sugar and Bruno Partners with Top Dance Celebrities to Expand
to Fashion and Teen Street Wear Markets
The Dance Inspired Clothing Brand Expands with its 2011 Spring/Summer Collections

(May 2, 2011) Indianapolis, IN –  Sugar and Bruno, best known among the dance community for its “street” inspired dance clothing line, recently expanded with its 2011 Spring/Summer collection and the addition of several fashion forward street wear pieces.  Several of the fashion pieces were designed by their partner celebrities from the dance world: Chelsie Hightower (Dancing With the Stars), Stacey Tookey (Judge and Emmy Nominated Choreographer, So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD)), Keltie Colleen (Former Rockette, author, also known for her turn on The Bachelor), film and television actress Mollee Gray (Runner up, SYTYCD),Kent Boyd (Runner up, SYTYCD), and more.

“At first, we noticed dancers modifying their existing wardrobes to create their own unique look at practice and in performances,” said Steve Powers, COO of Sugar and Bruno, “They’d wear baggy jeans with burn out tees, and cut them up – whatever it took to make them stand out, and make the clothes functional for dance.”

Sugar and Bruno set out initially to meet the demands of dancers.  Powers continued, “Try as we did to meet their needs – and we did that with some great success - we also started seeing non-dancers wearing and purchasing the clothes.  With this year’s line, we took those trends into consideration, without compromising the functionality and freedom of movement built into each piece.”

Dance apparel has evolved over the years, due most recently to its rise in popularity in feature films (Burlesque, Black Swan, the Step Up trilogy), reality television (Dancing with the Stars, America’s Best Dance Crew, So You Think You Can Dance), television shows like ‘Glee,’ music videos and viral videos on YouTube.  The rise in popularity among mainstream audiences of dance and the clothes its stars were wearing helped Sugar and Bruno facilitate the shift from strictly “dance” to fashion forward attire.

The line, which hit retail in February 2011, caters to both performance and style, making it one of the world’s most sought-after brands in the youth fashion and lifestyle marketplace.


Sugar and Bruno, one of the world’s most recognizable brands among teen and young adult dancers, was launched in 2007 by its parent company Progressive Design Apparel, Inc (founded 1989). S&B designs, manufactures and distributes dance inspired products and clothing, and recently expanded its reach to fashion and teen street-wear markets. The entire line, as well as the cast of Sugar & Bruno celebrity designers may be found at www.sugarandbruno.com.

Lisa Jey Davis
Jey Associates Public Relations