Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ellen Burstyn On The Unknown Scorsese In The 70’s & The Secretive “Interstellar” Film (and taking LSD!)

Ellen Burstyn chats with Larry King on his Emmy nominated series  “Larry King Now” about finding an unknown director Martin Scorsese for her film “Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore” and her upcoming directorial debut. Plus, Larry grabbed what little information he could about Ellen's next project “Interstellar” featuring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and more! 

Multi award winning actress Ellen Burstyn talked about hiring an unknown Martin Scorsese in the 1970’s and commented on what makes 'Marty' so special, “He has incredible energy on the set. There's like this very creative energy and there's an aliveness on his set that translates to film." 

The Oscar winner told Larry the little she could about her upcoming film “Interstellar,” "We're all sworn to secrecy. We can't talk about it. [...] It's big and I have a small part." Ellen also shared what Matthew McConaughey told her about the film when she saw him at the Emmy's. 

The veteran actress also talked to Larry about her upcoming directorial debut in “Bathing Flo” and how Louis C.K. told her he'd be a part of the film. Burstyn concluded her interview by answering some social media questions from some of her biggest fans including the role she wish she could've played and if she plans on returning to Broadway.

"I went looking for a director and I found an unknown director named Marty Scorsese and hired him and that turned out to be a very good decision." — on enlisting Martin Scorsese to direct "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore"

"It's a mystery and a little scary and I play her (Susan Sarandon's) mother.  Donald Sutherland is in it.  It's a very unusual film." — on her current film “The Calling”

"I've made an awful lot of films. I've worked with the best directors in the business and I think I know how to do it." — on directing her first film at 81 years old

"I was a high school dropout. I never went to class. I always failed class. I failed everything. [...] But I was captain of the cheerleaders and president of the drama club and president of the student council. I did everything but go to school and when I was on stage it just felt, ‘Yeah, I can do this.' "

"I like the directors that are young and haven't been heard yet."

"I love working on stage. There's nothing like it."

"When I did “Alice [Doesn't Live Here Anymore],” I was the only woman who was directing her own projects, but there have been more since then and I feel very happy that it's changed." 

"I like films that hook me in, that make me wonder what's going to happen next." 

"It's a psychological drama. If you look at it again, it really holds up." — on "The Exorcist" still being relevant

"I don't feel any different than I felt at 40 except I have new knees." — on feeling like a young 81 year old

"I kept coming up against these events where I'd go, 'Ooh, I can't write that,' and I did that so many times and I finally said, 'Are you going to tell your story or are you putting out a publicity blurb?' So I decided, 'Well, if i'm going to tell the story, I might as well tell it.' [...] After it came out, I heard from so many women it helped." — on writing her memoir, ‘Lessons in Becoming Myself’

"I had a tough mother who believed in punishing physically, so that happened a lot, and a stepfather who was also very punishing. I was always in the wrong and I was always getting punished for it. [...] I was an artist and I was in non-artist surroundings and they didn't get me and I didn't get them." 

"I left home on my 18th birthday. As soon as I could get out, I got out. [...] I got on a Greyhound bus and went to Texas, and from there, to New York." 

"I did LSD twice. It was no good for me. I just cried the whole time." 

"I probably should've taken 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest,' and I didn't ." — on her biggest career regret

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